What to Expect 

What we hope to do through the KPMG Scholarship programme, is to accelerate your success and potential, and to go beyond your expectations. A KPMG Scholarship will give you a flying start. We want our scholars to be well-rounded, successful, responsible corporate citizens on their journey to becoming the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in their chosen career. We're sure you want that too!
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As a KPMG Scholar, you will be mentored closely and given help to plan your path to achieve your personal and professional goals and aspirations. The KPMG Scholarship provides:

  • Mentorship
    You will have a personal mentor who will extend a helping hand and provide a listening ear during the course of your studies, and in your career with KPMG. The KPMG family is an environment that is open, friendly and supportive, allowing you to learn from experienced mentors willing to share valuable knowledge and insights on business.

  • Internships
    Internships allow you to experience KPMG before you officially join us. You may also have the opportunity to go for overseas internships, and be exposed to our global network of firms and work alongside other KPMG professionals of different backgrounds and nationalities.

  • Global Opportunities
    You will get to experience more and further than others. As part of our Global Opportunities program, you will be given the option to consider overseas secondment opportunities at the earliest chance. You may also be offered the opportunity to work across our different functions of audit, tax and advisory services.

  • Exposure
    You will get great client exposure. KPMG takes on an industry-focused approach to better serve our clients, so you will have the opportunity to work on various assignments and serve clients in a diverse scope of industries.

At the local university of your choice, our program will also offer the following benefits:

  • Costs of tuition fees and other approved academic charges at NTU/SMU/NUS/SIT/SUTD
  • Maintenance and other allowances (eg; books, computer)
  • Hostel allowance
  • Overseas exchange sponsorship (if all requirements are met)