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We act with professionalism and integrity.
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Accountability and the practice of good governance apply to and are upheld by our people. We have a dedicated partner for Ethics and Independence, and conduct regular ethics training for all employees. We have a Code of Conduct that guides the way we operate and we maintain auditor independence. Our dealings with the business community are always underpinned by integrity.

The KPMG Global Code of Conduct provides a basic understanding of the standards of ethical conduct that KPMG requires around the world. It outlines the 'KPMG Way'.

The quality and integrity of our people and our work is paramount to everything we do at KPMG. Audit committees, management, regulators, governments, clients and investors deserve a clear articulation of the steps that KPMG member firms take to uphold our professional obligations and responsibilities. These steps were first articulated in KPMG International's Transparency Report in 2005, which was the first produced by any of the global accounting networks. Subsequently, international and national transparency reports have been published by KPMG entities around the world.

KPMG uses expertise as a corporate volunteer with Shared Services for Charities

Tapping on the professional skills and know-how of our people, we lend our professional expertise to charities as a corporate volunteer with the established Shared Services for Charities (SSC), a not-for-profit, charitable organisation. Set up to improve governance for charities, the SSC provides professional services for internal controls review, policies and procedures documentation, internal audit outsourcing and whistle-blowing services.

Charities under the SSC programme share in the cost of services, such as internal audit, financial and risk management, and fundraising, making them more accessible and affordable. As a corporate volunteer since 2012, KPMG commits to provide staff resources, to participate in SSC's internal audit programme for charities.

KPMG Sustainability Report 2014

KPMG Sustainability Report 2014
Read about our efforts to cut carbon emissions and our passion to work more sustainably.