Risk Management in Finance/Banking 

Risk Management in Finance/Banking (RMIF/B) is an Advanced International Training Programme (ITP) sponsored by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The programme aims at enhancing managerial and technical skills within the finance and banking sector, as well as to cover subjects of strategic importance to economic and social development in the countries targeted by the programme. The long-term purpose of RMIF/B is to contribute to institutional strengthening and capacity building in targeted regions and countries.


The training programme revolves around a Change Initiative assignment, which should be well established in the participants’ organisations. To support the Change Initiative work, participants are guided by KPMG mentors, financial experts, senior practitioners and guest speakers from financial institutions.

Each programme consist of five phases conducted over an 18 month period.



Phase 1: The applicants build teams of two to five participants representing at least two different institutions. Once selected, each team is assigned a mentor and complete a team preparation survey.

Phase 2: A three-week intensive training programme in Stockholm which combines lectures, company visits, workshops and practical exercises regarding Financial Risk Management. In addition, there are sessions dedicated to presentation and project management skills as well as for teams to work on their Change Initiatives.

Phase 3: A six-month period during which mentors support their respective teams as they progress with their Change Initiative assignments in their home countries and prepare for Phase 4. Mentor support is provided via e-mail and telephone.

Phase 4: A 10-day regional follow-up focusing on Change Initiative achievements and experience sharing on selected risk management topics. This phase is tailored to the teams’ needs and requirements with regional guest speakers invited to contribute and participate in workshops. An RMIF/B diploma is granted to all participants upon completion of phase 1-4 of the programme.

Phase 5: Mentor support is provided as required. Six months after the regional follow-up, a survey is conducted to follow up on achievements to date and future steps.

KPMG has delivered more than 30 ITP training programmes, having involved 568 participants from 54 countries, representing 520 companies/institutions and mentored more than 150 projects.

We are currently planning a RMIFB alumni event:



Tiblisi. Georgia 2014-06-09 to 2014-06-11
Closing date of application: 2014-03-28




Africa: to be decided




Iraq: event in Baghdad to be decided





For further information you are welcome to contact:



Francois-Xavier Bonnevie

Project Manager


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Sofia Sahlin

Training Coordinator

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Anna Nöre

Training Coordinator


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