Indirect tax - VAT and excise tax 

Paying taxes can have a profound effect on a company’s cash flow, and therefore, these payments can and must be managed effectively. KPMG's services focus on providing clients with effective methods for managing these payments and improving the company's overall cash flow by reducing VAT and excise tax costs. If a company requires a quick, efficient and low-risk solution to specific VAT/excise problems rather than a comprehensive analysis, we focus on understanding the company's approach to risk assessment and then on the basis of that understanding offer the best methods for addressing identified problems and solutions.

Evgenia Wolfus

Evgenia Wolfus

Partner, Indirect Tax

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How KPMG could help?

Analysis and management of VAT policies:

  • analyze current approaches to VAT payment and risk assessment, and develop risk mitigation policies,
  • take measures to decrease the time necessary for VAT recovery,
  • identify opportunities to improve cash flow when analyzing VAT-related costs,
  • provide ongoing VAT consultation.

VAT refunds and litigation:

  • prepare VAT refunds at pre-trial and trial stages,
  • prepare defense strategy for litigation or tax audits,
  • prepare requests to the Ministry of Finance ruling on the proper application of tax law,
  • draft amendments to Russian tax legislation.

VAT/Excise function development:

  • analyze existing procedures for VAT and excise tax accounting, and develop recommendations for improving them,
  • provide recommendations for the effective allocation of responsibilities, taking into account available resources,
  • develop documentation policies,
  • assist with the implementation of VAT accounting in ERP-systems.