Fraud Risk Management  

A comprehensive strategy for fraud governance is essential if an organisation is to reduce the likelihood and impact of major fraud. Following recent high profile financial scandals, even the hint of misconduct or accounting misstatement can have a major impact on investor confidence, brand reputation and management's credibility.
Fraud Risk Management

Good fraud governance requires more than just ensuring an effective system of internal controls. It also requires a clear message and oversight from senior executives and non-executives, clear policies and standards, knowledge of the key fraud risks, effective fraud reporting, awareness training, and the development of a culture of high ethics and honesty.


Ivan Tyagoun

Ivan Tyagoun

Partner, Head of Forensic

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Whether you prefer a broad overview of your organisation's anti-fraud programme or an in-depth, detailed risk profile of a single department or process, KPMG can provide:


  • An objective assessment of your current fraud governance standards;
  • Assessment of key fraud and misconduct risks, including those relating to accounting manipulation and "black holes";
  • Analysis of cultural and organisational aspects of your business that may increase vulnerability to fraud;
  • Practical and cost-effective action plans to mitigate any fraud risks identified;
  • Fraud awareness training to alert your front line employees, or those responsible for corporate governance, to the early warning signs of fraud and how to manage these risks effectively.


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