Data analytics for fraud risk evaluation and fraud investigation  

The constant growth of business processes complexity and swift changes of business environment lead to constant growth of companies’ internal data volumes.

Due to this trend such instruments, as Forensic Data Analytics (FDA), start to be of more interest for fraud risk assessment. FDA allows to minimize the amounts of testing by targeting the sample of suspitious transactions.



Ivan Tyagoun

Ivan Tyagoun

Partner, Head of Forensic

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The point of the Forensic Data Analytics


FDA is the complex of analytical procedures aimed at:

  • large unstructured data arrays analysis;
  • hidden or unknown links and patterns detection;
  • identification of potential and occurred corporate fraud risks;
  • assistance in optimal business solutions development with consideration of identified anomalies.


Our capabilities


  • Our team has forensic specialists, who are not only certified professionals in structural analysis and mathematical modeling, but also possess experience of actual investigations in different industrial sectors
  • We possess an extensive library of analytical tests (as of now more than 60 types)
  • We use the proprietary software – KPMG Data Analytics Tool (KDAT), which was developed by the KPMG Global team. KDAT allows to automate main steps of FDA procedures


What is KDAT


KDAT is KPMG’s proprietary product, which allows efficiently combining and analysing different formats of databases, as well as identifying discrepancies and connections between suspicious records. This helps us better understand suspicious transactions. Application of KDAT allows us to create a “smart sample” of documents for further analysis, which can significantly decrease the amount of testing and overall duration of the investigation, simultaneously increasing the quality of the result.