IT strategy and performance  

IT Governance is one of the key factors in achieving strategic business objectives. The main tasks here are aligning strategic business objectives and IT objectives, ensuring effective IT organization management, and organizing the IT risk management process. These are just a few examples of the complex problems IT managers face in different organizations.


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KPMG can assist in assessing IT management quality, improving IT department efficiency, and implementing strategic IT management.


IT Strategic Planning

KPMG offers IT strategic planning. We see the IT strategy as a fundamental document defining the approach to operational and tactical planning for the company’s IT function. KPMG consultants will analyze the current state of strategic planning, and determine the direction of IT development in accordance with business needs.


The IT strategy mostly focuses on these key issues of strategic planning:

  • Correspondence between strategic business objectives and IT
  • Strategy for managing IT organization
  • IT architecture strategic planning
  • Information system strategic planning
  • IT resource sourcing strategy


The IT strategy follows leading methodologies in this field and takes into account the wishes of the business executives.


IT performance: software licensing optimization
KPMG consultants will help to create an optimal software licensing scheme.


This will entail the following:

  • Reducing software costs via standardization
  • Software risk assessment
  • Production of a strategic license payment plan
  • Updating existing and prospective IT solutions
  • Planning measures to address the risks of using illegal software


IT performance: staff incentives

KPMG professionals will help to build an effective IT staff incentive system, one that sets goals for staff, processes and departments, and then stimulates the employees and departments to achieve them.


Implementation of the incentives system:

  • Reliably improves staff motivation
  • Dramatically reduces unproductive expenditure of resources
  • Significantly reduces staff turnover
  • Is thus guaranteed to quickly recoup costs


IT governance: IT process optimization


KPMG provides IT process optimization services that can bring you:

  • Increased process productivity (more results with the same resources)
  • Lower resource expenditure
  • Lower skill requirements for staff (and hence lower costs)
  • Process control and proper management


Our approach to implementing such projects includes:

  • Auditing the current state of processes against compliance with standards
  • Identifying the necessary changes in management of personnel, processes and technologies
  • Creating a process improvement plan, including identifying the required KPI values
  • Launching the optimized process


IT governance: Service Desk implementation

To effectively manage the IT department, the CIO must receive and analyze huge amounts of information, on the usage of infrastructure and applications, user and business problems, IT staff and their work, and financial transactions. The System Service Desk will provide invaluable help by automating the processing of such information.


KPMG’s services cover tasks such as system selection, vendor selection, and methodological framework design for Service Desk product implementation.


IT governance: service level management

Almost always, the reason for business user dissatisfaction with IT departments and systems is that IT capabilities do not match up with business needs. Implementing a service level management process eliminates such problems, accurately defining the required service levels and creating a mechanism to control the services provided.


Implementation of proper service level management enables:

  • IT departments to accurately ascertain business needs
  • Agreement with the business on the service catalogue and service levels
  • More effective use of IT resources
  • Agreement and justification of IT costs
  • Improvement of the quality of services


IT governance: change management

Experts estimate that up to 60% of incidents are caused by poorly controlled change. KPMG helps organizations to implement change management processes.


Implementing the change management process enables the organization:

  • To fully control all changes
  • To make adequate and timely decisions about the need for and timing of each change
  • To undo changes, reverting the system to its original state


IT infrastructure and architecture


KPMG’s IT architecture and IT infrastructure services can help your company to gain the following benefits:

  • A forward-looking IT infrastructure that meets long-term business objectives
  • Optimized IT infrastructure expenditures
  • Simplified IT budgeting
  • The functionality of business applications is fully implemented and supported by the IT infrastructure
  • An organizational structure for maintenance and IT support staff that has been planned based on current and future IT infrastructure
  • An IT infrastructure that takes account of external factors (energy, infrastructure, data networking, etc.)
  • Defined IT outsourcing needs


IT sourcing

KPMG’s IT sourcing services can help your company:

  • Align its business strategy and IT strategy
  • Increase IT management efficiency
  • Identify principles for measuring the effectiveness of the IT function
  • Improve the provision of IT services
  • Optimize IT spending
  • Improve management of IT service providers


KPMG services include:

  • Developing IT sourcing strategies
  • Assistance in developing service level agreements (SLA) with IT service providers and analysis of existing agreements
  • Help in selecting IT service providers
  • Help with conversion to a new sourcing model
  • Post-project assessment