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"The Right Information, to the Right People, at the Right Time, to make the Right Decisions", is not a new mantra. Yet many BI initiatives fall into the trap of attempting to deliver too much, and follow a path closer to "All Information, for Everyone, in near Real time", with little understanding of what a good decision is.

By first establishing an understanding of what really drives business performance, we can focus our investments to ensure:


  • We deliver the right information, not all information
  • To the right people – those who make critical business decisions
  • At the right time (and with the right quality), which may or may not be real time
  • So that they understand the desired outcomes and quickly make the right decisions


Sean Tiernan

Sean Tiernan

Partner, CIS Head of Advisory

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The KPMG BI framework ensures that we recognize the importance of the complementary development of organizational and technological infrastructure. The KPMG BI framework breaks the technological and organizational infrastructure into six layers:


  • Business Strategy Alignment:
    How will I deploy information in a manner that drives maximum business performance benefit, and how will I support the information requirement at minimal cost? What are the value drivers of my business? What information do I need to realize the strategy?
  • Governance:
    What are the principles, process and the organization structure required to ensure integrity and the continuous alignment of information to business needs?
  • Performance Management & Reporting:
    How can I improve my financial planning and business performance management process? What are the reporting requirements of my business? How can I best achieve financial consolidation?
  • Integrated Information Management:
    What information content and data model is required to support my reporting requirements? Where are the value creation opportunities in the standardization of KPI and master data?
  • Business Intelligence Platform:
    What is the right application to support information delivery, financial consolidation, planning and performance management? How can I succeed in delivering the application’s implementation and make the overall solution really deliver value to the business? Which of the suppliers of Business Intelligence programming applications (SAP, Oracle, Cognos, etc.) should be chosen to realize the functionality needed?
  • Infrastructure:
    What will all this mean from a technical infrastructure point of view? How do I ensure security, access and effective implementation of the technical solution?


By understanding the key value drivers and creating corresponding management process maturity, we can mitigate BI investment costs while focusing management’s attention where it matters, reducing risk and improving business performance.