Learning and development 

Without its people KPMG would be incapable of intensive growth and development, and could not win and maintain stable market positions. On the flip side, KPMG does everything in its power to develop its employees’ professional and personal skills, making use of a wide range of opportunities.
Learning and development

The specifics of work in a company that provides professional services implies constant self-improvement, which is why we pay special attention to the professional development of our people. Regular training sessions make it possible for both young and seasoned KPMG employees to hone their skills and to keep up with the latest professional trends, as well as to become professionals of international standing.


Every employee, regardless of their area of expertise, takes part in the soft skills training sessions given by the People Learning Department. The training sessions, which are prepared and conducted based on best practice, give our employees confidence in any, even the most unexpected, situation which may arise during the course of their work.


Partner, Tax & Legal

I have attended an enormous number of seminars and training sessions during my time at the firm, but the best training of all was and remains my everyday contact with my colleagues in the Tax Department and other professionals in the firm. The friendly yet professional atmosphere in our team allows each employee to constantly improve their knowledge and skills. By the same token, however, the specialized training programs on taxation (Intermediate Tax Training), certain aspects of client relations (Communications Skills, Selling Skills, Writing Skills) and analysis of M&A transactions (Transaction Services 3) have also made significant contributions to my arsenal of professional knowledge and skills.


Partner, Tax & Legal



In terms of strictly professional development, I would say that at KPMG auditors already gain a fairly good grasp of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and become professionals in their field in the first three to four years of employment.


…This concerns, first and foremost, professional development of course. I am absolutely confident in my knowledge, and feel completely at ease in my work. At the same time KPMG also gives me the opportunity to develop other skills, such as public speaking and giving lectures and conducting seminars at universities. It is not a simple matter, but the healthy atmosphere at work definitely makes it easier to acquire this experience.


Senior Manager, Audit



From the professional standpoint, I am very grateful for the constant development opportunities at KPMG. Sometimes I think back to the knowledge I had when I first started working at KPMG, and realize that it was a far cry from my current qualifications. But I have even more still to learn, meaning that I have something to aim for and room for improvement.


Senior Consultant, Transaction Services 


KPMG has not only helped to reinforce the knowledge I gained at university, but has also made it possible for me to obtain significant professional experience and personal skills that help me in my work. I received an ACCA certificate, thereby becoming a member of this organization, as well as two audit certificates in banking and insurance.


Manager, Audit

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KPMG would be unable to work effectively and maintain its leading market positions without its main asset – its employees. We place primary importance on the personal and professional development of each of them, and we try to give our employees every opportunity to better themselves. Here you can see what our employees have to say about working at KPMG, the career path they have followed, and what makes them proud.

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