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KPMG in Russia’s clients include most major Russian companies from all different lines of business. Upon joining the firm, the employees of the Audit, Advisory and Tax Departments are given the opportunity to choose their area of expertise and the industry in which they will work, making it possible for them to broaden their career prospects and to begin working on client projects in the industry of their choosing from their very first day at KPMG.

Many of our clients have representative offices and production facilities in different regions of Russia. Employees interested in work with a high level of mobility have the chance to get acquainted with the regional specifics of Russian business, and to visit faraway and exotic corners of our country that they might never see were it not for KPMG. This often becomes an interesting continuation of a young professional’s student days, combining travel with work with leading Russian companies.


Senior Manager, Audit

The specifics of audit are such that as you move up the career ladder, your job duties are not reduced to simply making administrative decisions. To a certain extent, my responsibilities now encompass all the previous stages that I’ve gone through, working as an auditor, senior auditor and my current position as an Audit Department manager, but the range of work has become broader and more interesting. I can now say with confidence that I know all areas of my job, and can easily find my bearings no matter what the situation.


Young specialists are also often attracted by the possibility of travel. One of the main characteristics of audit work is business trips, which give auditors the chance to see practically the whole country with their own eyes. Clients often have production facilities in the most far-flung corners of Russia.


An auditor’s work also involves working on many different projects. Both the client and KPMG create a new team of professionals for each new client project, which means that you get to work with a large number of professionals from the most diverse areas of business in a fairly short period of time.


Senior Manager, Audit

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