Global Internship Program 

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - 4 weeks internship at KPMG in the US at the start of your career!

We would like to bring to your attention an opportunity to take part in a 4-week Global Internship Program (GIP) in the U.S.


Start your career as an intern at KPMG Russia and you will have a chance to participate in the GIP program.


To give you a brief overview of the program - GIP is an international exchange program for recent graduates and young professionals. Participants who join the program will be able to gain invaluable international work and cultural experience at the very early stage of their careers. The firm’s orientation and intern training program will take place in New York City during the first week in the U.S. The GIP participants will then fly out of New York to their assigned U.S. office locations to work together with the international teams on major client accounts.


To participate in GIP please choose an internship in KPMG offices in Russia at and apply for it!


We will be happy to see you among the participants of the Global Internship Program!