KPMG International Case Competition 2014 

KICC 2014 | San Paolo, Brazil

Rise to the occasion. Push yourself. Go beyond.

Kick-start your career

Experience the fast-paced world of casework, meet new people and travel to places you may never have been before. If you get to the top of your national case competition, you’ll find yourself on your way to Brazil on an all-expenses-paid trip to the international final. There, you’ll have the chance to network with your peers from around the world as you compete among the brightest minds for the global title. The feedback you get from both KPMG professionals and other students will help you expand your global mindset. 

Tackle complexity

Test your ability to develop innovative solutions to complex real world business issues. KICC gives you and three teammates the chance to work on tough business problems. For each case challenge, you will be given three hours to solve a challenge that mirrors the sort of work our teams do here at KPMG. This is a unique platform to showcase agile thinking and prove that you’re ready to embark on a successful career. KICC exemplifies the way KPMG goes above and beyond when addressing the complex issues faced by world class organizations.


KICC 2014 could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Take the leap – you never know what you could achieve or how far you could go.

Benefits you’ll take away from this experience

  • Gain exposure to KPMG leaders and professionals from around the globe
  • Get valuable feedback and advice from industry experts
  • Acquire a better understanding of KPMG's culture and what it can offer you
  • Meet people from other cultures and make global connections
  • Get real insight into how a global organization operates thinking
  • Test yourself and increase your confidence
  • Get real-world experience and build your business skills
  • Add a differentiator to your resume or CV
  • Have an epic adventure you'll remember for the rest of your life!

Get involved!

To participate in a regional selection stage please complete registration form at KPMG Recruitment system.


Selection Stages Registration closes Date E-mail for
Contact person
Moscow February 9 February 12 Victoria Brekhunova
Saint Petersburg February 7 February 13 Yulia Tsybulya
Nizhny Novgorod February 11 February 18 Elena Mosina
Novosibirsk February 13 February 20 Asiya Khasanova
Yekaterinburg February 14 February 21 Elena Sozontova
Kazan February 20 February 27 Airat Kaveev, Anastasiya Alekseeva
Kiev February 5 February 20 Yulia Shulga
Almaty February 3 February 15 Aida Darzhanova, Nazym Osserbayeva


Based on the certain criteria several teams will be selected for participation. They will be requested to analyze a business case, work out a strategy for a specific situation, offer a solution and make a final presentation to the jury.



All accommodation and travel costs for the CIS final in Moscow and the International Finals in San Paolo will be covered by KPMG.


Apply for KICC 2014

To apply for KICC 2014