As a socially responsible organisation, KPMG cares about the state of the environment. We aim to minimise any potentially negative impact our business might have on the environment, and do all we can to allow nature to thrive in urban conditions

Around the world, KPMG firms actively draw attention to environmental issues. In the 153 countries where we operate, we not only aim to adhere to environmental principles in our work and to promote eco-friendly initiatives among our clients, but also take an active part in environmental discussions internationally.


Since 2008, KPMG has been implementing an international environmental protection programme called the Global Green Initiative, aimed at combating the causes and consequences of climate change. The programme's main goal is to reduce the combined carbon footprint of KPMG firms. Having achieved our initial ambition to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2010 from a 2007 baseline, we now aim to reduce our impact by a further 15% by 2015.


Our work in this area has been recognised both within the business community and by environmental experts worldwide. In 2013, KPMG came 38th in the Environment Agency’s ranking of the more than 2,000 participants in its greenhouse gas emission reduction programme, and 17th out of the 1,463 participating organisations from the private sector.


We treat our employees' health as a top priority and aim to provide a comfortable and safe office environment for them. It is important for us that those who work for our firm breathe clean air, drink clean water and work with environmentally friendly materials. Our employees are also interested in being responsible for the environment in which they live and actively take part in KPMG green initiatives.


The main goals of our environmental approach in Russia are to use natural resources as sensibly as possible, to recycle or safely dispose of waste, and to raise the level of environmental awareness among our staff. We are gradually introducing modern "green office" practices; we work with green NGOs; and we inform our employees of the environmental impact of particular behaviours and the options available to address, in our own small way, global issues. We involve our people in our environmental work.  

What action are we taking to protect the environment?


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Marina Fedorenko

Marina Fedorenko
Head of Corporate fundraising, WWF Russia


"We see KPMG as being one of the leading Russian companies in terms of its commitment to social and ecological responsibility, and we are happy to maintain and develop our partnership. Since 2010 KPMG has been supporting WWF nature conservation initiatives and has been a member of the WWF Corporate Club, and we are confident that many joint projects lie ahead."

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