KPMG supports various educational programmes around the world, from teaching people how to read to upholding the most advanced and complex research at the cutting edge of scientific knowledge.

Education plays a key role in the development not just of individuals but of society as a whole, and knowledge and experience are fundamental to bringing about positive change. Today, speed of communication and access to knowledge are becoming ever more important in addressing global problems.


At KPMG, we believe that it is vital to support all educational programmes. We place great value on the professional intelligence of our employees and always strive to expand our knowledge base. As well as investing in the development of our own people, we also support knowledge-sharing in the economic, social and environmental spheres as well.

Support for Enactus student projects
Volunteering with the Big Change Foundation
KPMG chairs in Moscow Universities
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"As a head of our L&D department I simply cannot help supporting our educational CSR projects. I especially appreciate the opportunity to be a part of these projects and sometimes even to come up with my own ideas of efficient help for those who need advice and expertise.


This year we have invited for the first time people with disabilities to take part in our corporate presentation skills training. It has been a useful and valuable experience for our guests, our coach and above all our employees. We would be happy to make this partnership a good tradition for KPMG."


Vera Starodoubtseva
Director, Learning & Development

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