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The Press Center is ready to assist you whenever you require comments. We can also arrange interviews for you with KPMG experts in Russia and the CIS.

Press Room

We have significant experience and issue research reports on a number of industries, and are ready to share our knowledge with the mass media. KPMG experts specialize on a wide range of issues, including:


  • corporate finance, structuring transactions, restructuring, valuation issues, financial analysis and modeling, mergers & acquisitions, corporate governance and sustainability, taxation, audit, IFRS, risk management, performance management, amendments to legislation and many other issues;
  • trends in the banking, transport, metallurgical, oil & gas, energy, telecommunications, construction and insurance industries, in the consumer sector, and also in other industries;
  • the business climate, Public Private Partnerships and private investments.


Media Contacts

Media Contacts

Sabina Kasparova

+7 (495) 937 44 77 ext. 14264

+7 (968) 691 10 37

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