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  • Date: 11/25/2013

The Foreigners Work Permit Quotas for 2014 Have Been Announced 

Under Resolution of the RF Government dated 31 October, 2013, № 977 “On determination of necessity in attraction of foreign employees into the Russian Federation and on approving of the quotas for year 2014” the necessity of attraction of foreign employees into Russia has been determined and the quotas for the issue of work permits to foreign citizens for 2014 has been approved at the level of 1,631,586 work permits.

To find the full Version of the Resolution, please follow this link on the official site of the Russian Federation Government:


As usual, the quota allocation by Russian regions is being expected by the end of December 2013.


Within the same timeframe, the Order of Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation will approve the list of professions (specialties and positions) of foreign citizens – qualified specialists, who are employed in accordance with their profession (specialty), which are included into the “quota-exempt positions” list.


We would like to restate that in 2013 the main reasons for rejecting or partial satisfying of Applications on workforce requirements to replace vacancies and newly created work places with foreign employees (hereinafter “Application”) by the Inter-Departmental Commission were:


  • Determination by the Commission existing opportunities of Employers to replace their vacancies by attracting Russian citizens( regional workforce),

  • Inclusion of quota-exempt positions into Applications,

  • Unavailability of Employers to provide foreign employees with living premises and etc.


If your Application on workforce requirements to replace vacancies and newly created work places with foreign employees for 2014 was rejected by the Decision of the Inter-Departmental Commission, you can appeal against such Decision by proceeding adjusted Application to the information system “Migration quotas” via with further providing of the original of the Application to the Authority which manages employment issues before 30 April 2014.


It is important to note that the quota requirements for the issue of invitations for entry of foreign citizens to the RF and foreigners work permits quota requirements do not apply for Highly-Qualified Specialists and their family members.


Furthermore, as of 1 January, 2014, foreigners’ work permit quota requirements do not apply to full-time study foreigners in the Russian Federation in a professional educational organization or in an educational organization of higher education on basic professional educational program which has state accreditation.


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