In a rapidly changing marketplace, today’s success stories can be tomorrow’s casualties. Globalization often requires businesses and their stakeholders to operate in unfamiliar circumstances with hugely diverse regulatory environments. Meanwhile, the need for businesses to innovate is resulting in ever more complex financing structures, provided by an increasing number and variety of financial stakeholders.
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Speranta Munteanu

Speranta Munteanu

Partner, Head of Restructuring


Management needs to ensure that their business is robust, durable and in a position to benefit from potential opportunities for growth in today's challenging economic climate. Increased regulation, volatile markets and growing stakeholder demands are all adding to the pressures of a highly competitive market place.


  • Perhaps you need insight into the causes of long-term underperformance, or maybe you are experiencing cash flow pressure?
  • Are you restricted from investing in expansion programs because of current debt structures or lack of additional finance?
  • Are there parts of your current group structure that are proving to be unprofitable?


If these are issues you recognize, KPMG Restructuring professionals can assist by providing an objective view of the possible causes of underperformance. We can assist you with a pragmatic assessment of available options, and help you to focus on long-term survival.

We have experience in working with a broad range of companies from large companies to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) facing complex and demanding issues and can help to develop implementation plans to rebuild trust with investors and lenders.


Working alongside lenders, stakeholders and all levels of management, our professionals are able to plan and deliver restructuring actions that can provide real improvements to cash flow, profit & loss and the balance sheet.


How we can help

Our Restructuring professionals have extensive experience in steering stresses and distressed businesses towards a stronger position. Our services include:


  • Turnaround planning and implementation
  • Exit planning and implementation
  • Debtor, creditor or court driven formal restructurings
  • Financial restructuring
  • Cash management
  • Cost optimisation


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