Takeovers and Mergers 

KPMG has acted as lead financial advisor in some of the most complex and high profile public takeovers and mergers across the capital markets; both those which are agreed between the parties and those which involve unsolicited approaches and aggressive tactics.

Takeovers and Mergers


Daniela Nemoianu

Daniela Nemoianu

Executive Partner, Head of Advisory

+40 (741) 800 732

Our advice takes many forms: from analyzing strategic options, to assessing value split and merger terms, structuring the deal, designing mechanisms for presenting the deal to the marketplace, managing the transaction process, negotiating and securing good terms for a successful closing.


Our advice is supported by:

  • A true understanding of the issues and challenges faced by bidders, targets and merger partners
  • Global execution capability
  • Connectivity with the financial markets
  • Deep sector knowledge
  • Negotiation skills.


In addition, our practitioners are able to act as sponsors, as nominated advisors, as approved or authorized persons and as broker dealers. With the necessary licenses and approvals, KPMG can undertake a range of capital markets regulatory and sponsor roles in support of our clients’ takeovers and mergers.


In all this, we believe what distinguishes KPMG is our ability to provide independent, objective and robust advice to a company board on the inevitably intimate and sensitive issues which characterize a takeover or merger in the public markets — and to maintain a clear focus on what, in the eyes of our client, constitutes a successful deal.

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