The M&A advisory service offered by KPMG firms to their clients on the sale of a division, subsidiary, owner managed business or private equity portfolio investment is wide ranging.


Daniela Nemoianu

Daniela Nemoianu

Executive Partner, Head of Advisory

+40 (741) 800 732

Our services include: 

  • advice on the sale process strategy. If our client’s objective is to maximize value, this may involve running a controlled auction process to generate and maintain the maximum possible competitive tension
  • identifying, analyzing and presenting the business for sale, surfacing and highlighting all embedded nuggets of value and features attractive to purchasers
  • identifying and approaching potential buyers in a discreet and targeted manner — and publicizing the opportunity in a planned way when you and we consider it appropriate
  • advice on the content of information to be shown to interested parties at various stages throughout the process
  • independent assessment of the quality of offers received taking into account price, deliverability and other agreed criteria
  • project management — working collaboratively alongside your own team and also your retained lawyers and other professional advisors commercial negotiation leadership and support


Many of our firms’ clients are serial users of our services — retaining KPMG time and again to advise on the sale of their businesses. In part, this is because our transaction teams are staffed by sector specialists led proactively by a highly experienced partner or director — offering a client KPMG’s informed insight into the strategic issues facing its business, coupled with an established ability to present that business for sale in its best possible light.


Through the M&A teams we deploy, our firms’ clients can access a wealth of market intelligence gathered from KPMG’s envied experience in advising on hundreds of deals globally every year — and at KPMG we pride ourselves on being the leading edge innovator in M&A transaction technique.


We design and manage processes which aim to optimize the outcome of the sale for our clients; which aim to minimize business disruption and which show sensitivity to our clients’ confidentiality concerns.


In negotiations our aim is to provide the excellent commercial judgment our clients would expect of a seasoned transactor, coupled with an appropriate blend of aggression and diplomacy.


KPMG’s international network of member firms, combined with our sector focus, enables our M&A advisors to access the most senior and relevant executives across a broad and appropriate range of potential purchasers. This means that we are in a good position to know the hot buttons to press with each buyer, to ensure that they appreciate the full value specific to their strategic and financial needs of the target opportunity we are helping to sell.

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