At KPMG we delight in helping to close successful deals. In an acquisition, success may take different forms. Or it may mean securing a prized asset on an exclusive basis. Success may mean emerging as the winning bidder in a competitive process or public auction.

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Daniela Nemoianu

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It could involve looking long and hard at an apparently attractive asset — and concluding that either it does not fit your strategic requirement or that insufficient value will be delivered against the price demanded by the seller. Accordingly, our role at KPMG is to provide hands on and enthusiastic bidding experience, grounded by objective and wholly dispassionate advice. Our aim is to understand your strategy and plans — and to deliver a service tailored specifically for your needs as a buyer, and to achieve your vision of success.



The M&A advisory service offered by KPMG to buyers is wide ranging and includes advice on bidding strategy. We take care first to understand a client’s objectives and corporate style and then to formulate an approach designed to deliver the desired outcome. Our services include:

  • Advice on bidding strategy
  • Identifying, analyzing and quantifying both central value drivers and embedded elements of value in the target business
  • Mapping the landscape of other potential buyers and assessing their likely objectives, so as to inform your approach to negotiations and pricing
  • Delivering well-informed advice on the target’s anticipated value to you and the parameters for successful bidding
  • Project management - working together alongside your own team and also your retained lawyers, financial specialists aas well as due diligence and other professional advisors
  • When requested by you, bringing to the table the multi disciplinary skills and power of KPMG across the spectrum of deal requirement - from tax strategies to pensions advice; from buy side support through to post acquisition integration
  • Commercial negotiation leadership and support



Through the M&A teams we deploy, our firms’ clients can access a wealth of market intelligence gathered from KPMG’s extensive experience in advising on hundreds of deals globally every year — and at KPMG we pride ourselves on being among the leading edge innovators in M&A transaction techniques.

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