EU Advisory & Public Sector 

Once with the accession to the European Union, Romania had to harmonize to the European policies and regulations, which created at the same time significant opportunities and numerous challenges both for the business environment and the public authorities.

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EU and Public Sector Funds


Daniela Nemoianu

Daniela Nemoianu

Partner, Head of Markets

+40 (372) 377 800

Florin Banateanu

Florin Banateanu

Advisory Director, EU Advisory & Public Sector

+40 (372) 377 800

The EU Advisory & Public Sector team of KPMG has gained recognition through its decisive role since the early 90s in accessing national and international financing. The projects we implemented both for businesses and public authorities speak for us. Our professionalism and efficiency were successfully tested:

  • Drafting and implementing public strategies
  • EU and public projects developed by central and local authorities
  • Strengthening of management capacity of the public sector
  • Processes and performance optimization in the public sector
  • Drafting feasibility studies, business plans, master plans and development strategies
  • Preparation and review of application files for EU funds and/or state aid
  • Financial and project management
  • All phases of public procurement
  • Performance and institutions capacity evaluation - prior, during and post evaluation
  • External audit
  • Preparation of studies, reports and analyses at national and European Commission level.


KPMG's European and regional networks of EU advisors have extensive capabilities to handle complex multitask projects to the benefit of authorities and private companies.

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