The challenge for organizations is to take a totally different look at how work is sourced in relation to traditional business functions. KPMG’s Business Performance Services professionals approach sourcing from a strategy-led perspective, helping the company to find effective options (in sourcing as a shared service or outsourcing) and to design its new business model and processes, with the benefit of a consistent global methodology.

Sourcing KPMG

Richard Perrin

Richard Perrin

Partner, Head of Advisory

+40 (372) 377 800

Rapid Value Procurement


Our Rapid Value Procurement service is designed to help clients as they work to identify and achieve cost savings and improvement in their procurement processes, by focusing on balancing spend reduction with risk management and productivity gains.


Shared Service Centers


Our team can help clients with the design of a shared service concept (e.g.Financial Services, Call Centre, HR, IT services) and breakdown to operative levels (processes, human resources and capacities, location, infrastructure).




As companies increasingly take advantage of the trend to outsource processes and functions to dedicated service providers, the importance of identifying, controlling and monitoring associated risk can take on greater importance and meaning. We help our clients to define the departments and processes that can be externalised to a service provider in order to keep a balance between control and value.

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