Experienced professionals 

We value the fresh perspective that experienced professionals can bring. Whether you are currently working in industry, the Public Sector, an NGO, a smaller firm or another 'big four' organization, you can expect to make a difference from day one.
Experienced professionals

Whatever your background you will be able to use the knowledge you already have and see it develop quickly. You can look forward to working with a wide range of businesses from multinationals to smaller, local companies and the opportunity to develop your management and leadership skills. With at least 1,500 KPMG firms' professionals on an international assignment at any one time there are also likely to be opportunities to work at an international level.


If you have more than five years' experience, you will almost certainly be looking for a senior position. We recruit at all levels — right up to partner — and value skills and experience gained in industry, the Public Sector, NGOs and other professional services organizations. There are great opportunities for senior professionals in client facing and business service areas including the opportunity to work at a regional or global level. Browse our profiles to read about several people who have joined KPMG firms from elsewhere.

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