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KPMG’s International Case Competition is a unique, fast-paced experience that gives you the opportunity to improve your analytical and problem solving skills, while meeting new people and potentially travelling to amazing places like São Paulo, Brazil. The competition is based on cases that illustrate the challenges KPMG professionals deal with on a daily basis. So we will evaluate your ability to assess and offer relevant solutions for realistic business scenarios.

The video below will help you understand what it might be like for you if you choose to take part:




Stage 1:

Application and
prior selection

Teams of 2 to 4 students will send us a video presentation entitled “One idea to change the world” by 6 January 2014. Once we receive the application, we evaluate it, and, if it meets the requirements set out below, we share it on our official website. All the presentations uploaded on our website on 8 January 2014 become eligible for public voting via Facebook and the selected teams are on for the national semi-finals.

Stage 2:

National semi-finals

Three national semi-finals will take place: in Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Bucharest. During each semi-final, a maximum of 8 teams, each comprising 4 students, will be given a detailed case study to consider, analyse and offer recommendations for. Each team will present their findings and suggestions to a panel of KPMG professionals. The winning teams will advance to the national final to be held in Bucharest, on 19 February 2014.


Stage 3:

National final

The national final will follow the same ground rules as the semi-finals: the teams will deliver a presentation based on a case study analysis in front of a jury of KPMG professionals. However, this stage also includes a series of workshops aimed at helping finalists enhance their existing skills and knowledge, and allowing them to improve their case analysis on the spot.


Stage 4:

International final

The winning team from the national final will travel to São Paulo, Brazil to compete for the global title. The winners will also take part in a comprehensive training scheme organised by KPMG specialists to become fully prepared to face the São Paulo challenge.






We are looking for 7 ideas to change the world. Make a video presentation describing how you would change the world with 10 000 EUR and send it to by 6 January 2014, with the subject: ”One idea to change the world.”




  • The team must have between 2 and 4 members. If a team member is unable to advance through the competition, a new team member can be selected, subject to KPMG approval. The original member will no longer be allowed to compete in any future round of KICC 2014.
  • The presentation must be in made in English and should not exceed 3 minutes.
  • The video must contain all of the following elements: name of the team, team logo and a short presentation of each team member. All team members must participate in the delivery of the presentation.
  • The presentation must not infringe copyrights i.e. it must include only original content.
  • You are required to specify in the application which one of your team members will be the team’s representative i.e. the person we will contact to keep your team informed about the progress of the competition.
  • Your application must also include each team member’s CV.


At each stage of the competition, KPMG professionals will assess your presentation against the criteria below:

  • The identification of the initial problematic issues.
  • The applicability of the suggested solutions and alternatives.
  • The feasibility of the action plan i.e. how you would implement your recommendations.
  • The degree of originality.
  • Overall presentation approach (concision, coherence, design).
  • English skills.
  • Number of votes on Facebook.

* While participation is team based, the evaluation and qualification for the national and international finals are made on an individual basis. We reserve the right to decide the final structure of the teams for stages 3 and 4.



To be able to participate in KICC 2014 you must meet the conditions below:

  • You must be studying towards a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree. While we encourage applications from a wide range of academic backgrounds, at least one of your team members must be studying a Finance related field.
  • Your nationality must be Romanian/Moldovan.


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