Our Culture 

KPMG in Romania is helping businesses respond to changes in the global economy. We are also committed to providing an environment where our people can flourish and contribute to a sustainable world.


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KPMG firms are some of the world’s leading providers of Audit, Tax and advisory services. We have more than 162,000 professionals operating in over 155 countries. We aim to respond to the complex business challenges facing our firms' clients. We adopt a global approach spanning professional disciplines, industry sectors and national borders.


KPMG in Romania opened its first office in 1994 in Bucharest and now employs more than 800 professionals, including both local and expatriate staff, who combine detailed experience of the Romanian and Moldovan markets with international know-how.

The KPMG culture is rooted in our values. Our integrity and policy of open and honest communication builds trust and cooperation, while our flexibility and diversity creates a culture in which people share knowledge freely, bringing out the very best in each other. When asked why they choose to work with KPMG, numerous clients refer specifically to our high level of professional ethics, our loyalty and our approachability.

Our culture extends beyond good business practice. We are also recognized for the efforts we make to alleviate poverty, support education and protect the environment. KPMG In Romania works diligently with other companies, governments and non-governmental organizations to address these problems and make a positive difference in peoples’ health, welfare and prosperity.

Our employees benefit from this forward-thinking approach. A critical element of KPMG’s vision is that our firm is recognized as an "‘employer of choice" - to recruit, retain and develop the very best people.

This allows our people to flourish both as professionals and as individuals - to enjoy a challenging career and get the most from their personal lives. They do so knowing that they are part of a responsible and positive culture that extends beyond them into the greater business, social and natural environment.

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Corporate citizenship

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Commitment to our communities is at the heart of KPMG’s values. Around the world, KPMG member firms are working with other companies, governments and non-government organizations (NGOs) to address poverty and make a positive difference in the environment.