Serban Toader 

Șerban Toader is the Senior Partner and Head of Audit & Assurance of KPMG in Romania, a firm that provides Audit, Tax, and Advisory services.
Serban Toader
Senior Partner
Head of Audit and Assurance 

Șerban Toader became Senior Partner at KPMG in Romania and Moldova in October 2007 and has been with the company since 1996, joining after a period working in banking and marketing. During his career, Serban Toader has contributed to the development of professional services in audit, tax, and advisory in Romania and in Central and Eastern Europe, both as an auditor and as leader of one of the largest providers of professional services in Romania. Șerban’s background is in Audit and he has a particular specialism in audits of major Romanian banks and other financial institutions.


As Senior Partner, he coordinates a team of over 800 professionals in a business with a turnover of over 36 millions of Euros and oversees the firm's governance and strategy, as well as representing the company's interests both in Romania and on international markets. Șerban is also a member of the KPMG Central and Eastern Europe Board, which oversees the work of KPMG practices in countries throughout the region. Șerban has several prestigious academic qualifications, including an Executive MBA from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, Paris as well as diplomas from University of Edinburgh School of Management, London Business School and Harvard Business School.


“What is it like to be the Senior Partner at KPMG in Romania and Moldova? It is a question I am often asked. Depending on the circumstances, I reply by saying that it is an honor and a privilege to lead more than 800 professionals in the exciting and challenging environment that is today’s Romania; or that it is stimulating to deal with so many different clients from so many industries and locations; or that to work with governmental and commercial organizations is personally fulfilling. Or sometimes I just say ‘It’s a great feeling!’ because all of the above are true. I am fortunate that my professional career has developed in the Romania which followed the Revolution, a time of many challenges and hardships, but which bears many opportunities. 


We are also a caring organization. Our Corporate Social Responsibility program is something I care passionately about. We must give back to society, to those less fortunate than we are. This is a value that runs throughout KPMG firms globally.


KPMG’s global network of member firms provide us with outstanding methodologies and processes to support us in our work. The KPMG network also brings a sense of being part of a global community. This is important. Perhaps more importantly, our local firm has a respected name within Romania and Moldova. We strive hard to maintain our image as one of integrity and honesty. This I also care passionately about.

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