Corporate citizenship 

Commitment to our communities is at the heart of KPMG’s values. Around the world, KPMG member firms are working with other companies, governments and non-government organizations (NGOs) to address poverty and make a positive difference in the environment.

Climate change and the environment

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Few organizations in the world have as much potential influence on the business sector as KPMG. Our member firms are investing in responsible energy use, educating and supporting our people in making sustainable decisions, working on environmental protection projects and joining forces with leadership groups and other businesses to address key issues.


Global Development Initiative

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To support our focus on international development, KPMG International established the Global Development Initiative. This innovative program takes our commitment to corporate citizenship to a new level, bringing together KPMG people from around the world so we can tackle global issues.

The wider community

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Everyone at KPMG has the opportunity to realize both professional and personal benefits by participating in corporate social responsibility activities. Put your skills to work, and you’ll see. Working pro bono with local groups, charities or international development agencies helps our professionals develop new skills and insights.

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