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  • Date: 9/7/2012

Waste audit – legal compliance and saving your money! 


Geta Diaconu


KPMG Environmental Services

Waste generation is one of the most significant environmental effects of our day to day activities. So it is important to quantify the various components of our waste/recycling stream and evaluate the effectiveness of our waste management. 



European as well as Romanian priorities on waste generation prevention and waste management, established by setting a waste management “hierarchy,” are as follows: a) Prevention; b) Preparing for reuse; c) Recycling; d) Other recovery operations; e) Disposal.

This hierarchy can be adjusted for certain waste flows based on a life cycle analysis of the global effects of waste generation and management.


Romanian Law no. 211/2011 specifies the legal requirements for companies on waste management. From 2012, these include the obligation to undertake a program for prevention and reduction of waste resulting from their own activity.


The program can be designed by the company or by a third party, based on the results of a waste audit. Law 211/2011 does not present a simple and clear definition of a waste audit. However, from experience in other countries we can deduce that this will involve Romanian companies carrying out a formal, structured process to quantify the amount and types of waste which they generate. The information from audits always helps identify current waste practices and how they can be improved. An organization being waste-wise means:


  • A more efficient and effective organization;
  • Reduced waste management costs;
  • Better use of limited natural resources.

Failure to implement a program on prevention and reduction of waste can lead to a fine of between 3,000 and 7,000 euros.

On the other hand, those companies which do carry out a reliable waste audit and implement a program for prevention and reduction of waste will reduce their operational costs (by introducing more efficient waste practices) and avoid penalties from the authorities, because they will be compliant with the waste law.

We will be pleased to talk to you If you have any questions about waste audits or the waste prevention and reduction program. 


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