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  • Date: 5/28/2014

NTMO Attorneys at Law, the associated law firm of KPMG Legal in Romania, expands size and capabilities 

28 May 2014, Bucharest


Nemoianu, Toncescu, Mihaila and Olteanu sprl promotes a a new enhanced partnership formula  The local practice has a 20 year impressive track record and is a member of the KPMG Legal network of independent law firms, having 1,500 lawyers around the world in more than 90 jurisdictions.  The law firm specialises in a wide range of advanced legal services, with a focus on business advisory, financial services, risk regulatory, telco, public sector and energy&utilities.

Daniela Nemoianu, Managing Partner NTMO and Executive Partner of KPMG in Romania, declares: “Organizations that can adapt to ever changing surroundings always have an advantage. This evolutionary approach has allowed us to adopt an organizational structure based on goal-focused practice groups that blend a wide array of specialist resources which our clients can rely on when seeking highly specialized advice on a broad range of issues. The strength of NTMO comes from our extensive technical knowledge, our deep understanding of business and excellent team work. It is about more than ourselves or our law firm – it is about the higher purpose, our clients and their sustainable businesses, this country and its future.  We are now building on our 20 year legal trek of achievements with the enhanced new partnership formula powered by excellent top professionals and the KPMG Legal membership.”


Serban Toader, Country Senior Partner of KPMG in Romania, states: “The association between NTMO and KPMG provides outstanding integrated professional services in Romania. It focuses on the client, the core of our audit and accounting, advisory and tax teams’ strategy. We are confident that this integrated approach involving legal and other services will be successful. KPMG Legal includes member firms with a strong reputation in their own markets, all devoted to one great brand."


Laura Toncescu, Managing Partner NTMO, highlights: “One of our strongest specializations is Financial Services. This is also the result of a long-term and solid cooperation with KPMG in Romania which has around 200 FS specialists - this cooperation helps us to develop ourselves towards a different lawyer profile, serving the needs of business whilst observing professional principles. We have been involved in a significant number of breakthrough cases in the FS market in the last few years - think of something technically new, or really big - we have been there or we have done that. But we cover all areas of law with constant attention to changes and developments. We are a team of very talented young lawyers assuming with maturity their roles.”


The two new partners bring specific complementary areas of expertise:

Alina Mihaila, Partner, is a principal business advisor for various international investors assisted by NTMO and KPMG in Romania. Her main asset is her 15 year experience in assisting clients from a wide range of sectors with legal issues. She provides counselling in commercial and corporate law, and has worked on projects involving energy and utilities, real estate, privatization, mergers & acquisitions and corporate restructuring.


Sebastian Olteanu, Partner, has 12 years of professional experience in the Romanian legal environment. His main asset is his wide understanding of Romanian and European legal issues. He specializes in financial services and M&As. He has been a legal and business advisor for a significant number of major Romanian and international clients on commercial and corporate law, covering banking and finance, investments and transactions. His detailed knowledge of the sectors he works with and the legal issues involved make him highly familiar with the needs and expectations of clients.

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