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KPMG in Romania has launched TaxExpress - the app that keeps you up to date with fiscal deadlines!  

TaxExpress is the new mobile application from KPMG in Romania, which helps you keep up to date with your fiscal obligations. The app gives you daily information about what documents you need to file, as well as their order and deadlines. So you can deal with them quickly and then concentrate on the things that really matter. The application is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices. The app also keeps users up to date when KPMG publishes new articles and insights.

KPMG in Romania is one of the first companies to launch a tax obligations app in Romania, available in both Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

Some of the main features of TaxExpress are:

 - Available in three languages: Romanian, English, Chinese.

 - Gives information about tax obligations for individuals and companies filtered by areas of activity, based on your selection.

 - Customizable reminders for the tax obligations you choose.

 - Can be shared with your staff or business partners in one click.

 - See the latest news from KPMG in Romania and find out all  about legislative changes that affect you.

 - Stay tuned with KPMG in Romania’s events.

 - Connect with KPMG on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

 - Automatic content update – No need to visit an app store for latest versions.

 - Greater range of content – Including Audit, Tax, and Advisory.

 - It will also give users access to a broad range of additional information, including updates on new regulatory and legislative developments.

Ramona Jurubiţă, Partner, Head of Indirect Taxation Services at KPMG in Romania, says: “Romanian tax legislation is complex and subject to frequent change. So it can be very hard for businesses and individuals to keep up with all their obligations. Yet failure to do so can have quite negative consequences - missing a deadline can lead to fines and penalties. This new app from KPMG in Romania will be a great help, allowing people to access information while on the move, instantly assess their own tax situation and understand what steps they need to take to be compliant. ”

Serban Toader, Senior Partner in KPMG says: “It has never been more important for Romanian businesses to keep up with the pace of change in the area of tax and related business issues. When designing TaxExpress, we recognised users wanted access to clear, relevant and timely tax information at the touch of a button, and our app delivers on all these fronts. As well as helping people stay in touch with their tax obligations, this app will also enable anyone with an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device to gain quick access to a broad range of up-to-date business related content developed by KPMG in Romania.” 

You can download our app from Google Play Store or from Apple AppStore. Read the Romanian version here.

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Șerban Toader

Senior Partner
KPMG în România


Ramona Jurubiţă

Partner, Head of Indirect Taxation Services

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