A single, unified view of the social media conversations from delegates of the Annual World Economic Forum 2012 (WEF) will give businesses, non-governmental organizations, politicians, journalists, academicians and social entrepreneurs an easy way to follow insights and join conversations shaping the global agenda this year in Davos.

The aggregated online service,, presented by KPMG International exclusively for the WEF, will distill in real-time the conversations from delegates who are using Twitter to share their views. Anyone with internet access via their computer, tablet or smart phone can follow the conversations. Users can filter the conversation based on the annual meeting’s themes, speakers, delegates and other filters.


in addition, we will also have the following during the WEF:


  • KPMG@Davos: This website highlights our overall participation at this year’s event. This site includes information about the participation of KPMG delegates, delegate bios, and has a dedicated section on sustainability and innovation.
  • Davos dispatches: Will provide blog posts from Davos delegates/participants as a way to provide ‘real-time’ views and insights.

KPMG participants