Extreme Light Infrastructure 

Romanian scientists are ready and committed to building the only European and International Centre for high-level research on ultra-high intensity laser and nuclear physics, with significant participation by the international community.

It is our pleasure and honour to support a major project for Romania, Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP), which offers the chance to develop not only an amazing European Research Infrastructure but also a whole high-tech cluster, “Magurele - Frontier Science City” by fostering public - private partnerships and using an effective combination of private investments and public funds.


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Extreme Light Infrastructure Conference Speakers

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Research and Innovation


One of the most important R&D success stories: Romanian scientists are committed and ready to build with the support of the international scientific community and European funding, one of the three European centers for high-level research on ultra-high intensity lasers and the only one having also an ultra-high brilliance gamma beam system.


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