VAT Quest 

In VAT Quest, players lead a team of top-notch tax consultants as they help a fictional global company to plan and execute a synchronized product launch across nine countries. Players interact with various company executives and characters in the game environment, leveraging information, training and tips to solve a series of VAT challenges and achieve the game objectives. To receive a complimentary copy, please contact Ramona Jurubita, Partner, Head of Taxation Services.
Interactive VAT training for all

With KPMG’s new VAT Quest game coming soon to a computer near you, you will experience an interactive game to help you learn about Value Added Tax (VAT) and help guide you through the maze of VAT decision making.


A global VAT experience

Through a fictional global company on the verge of a synchronized launch across nine countries you will sort through the issues and challenges this type of global company has while learning about VAT rules affecting a company and or their product’s business cycle.


Make VAT training both educational and fun

From interactive avatars to in-game mentors, VAT Quest provides a fun and educational environment to train all types of professionals, from management through to logistics and sales teams. VAT Quest can be played on almost any platform and can easily be completed in under an hour, making it the perfect training tool for busy professionals.


Everyone can learn

For all levels of VAT learning, during the VAT Quest journey, you will discover:

  • What VAT is;
  • Why it’s important for a business to manage VAT correctly;
  • The implications of getting VAT wrong; and
  • A simple methodology to help people make VAT decisions that benefit the business.


Your free copy

KPMG member firms are committed to helping organizations cut through the complexity of indirect taxes to enable better decision-making and deliver more valuable business outcomes. That is why we have released VAT Quest as ‘freeware’, making the program available to anyone seeking to enhance VAT awareness within their organization


To receive a complimentary copy, please contact Ramona Jurubita, Partner, Head of Taxation Services.