Bookkeeping and preparation of interim and annual financial statements

The motor of the economy in Romania is the very large number of SMEs. This is nothing surprising, as it is the case in all of Europe where 60% of businesses are owned by a family or an entrepreneur. In addition, SMEs are leaders in creating jobs and are pioneers in innovation. One of their strengths lies in their capacity to take faster decisions and to react to market signals because they do not have to justify their every move as listed companies have to. Owners of closed companies are very careful about managing their finances because it is their own money which is at stake.

KPMG Enterprise provides entrepreneurs and family businesses with all the services offered by an accounting practice but with a fundamental difference, because of our very high standards of quality, respect for confidentiality and rigor which you can expect from a Big 4 firm. You can access on line, 24 hours out of 24, 7 days out of 7 all your financial information stored on our secured site using an individual identifier and your password.

Why is this important for your business? Because KPMG Enterprise business advisers are dedicated to understanding what private company owners and entrepreneurs face every day whether they are owned by foreign investors or by local entrepreneurs. In short, we see things the way you do and the role we play goes far beyond bookkeeping.