Life balance 

We know that getting the right balance between your personal and professional life can be hard. That's why, in many locations, we offer flexible working and other support such as study leave for graduates and remote working.

We want you to stay fit and healthy with plenty of energy and enthusiasm. It's an important part of life at KPMG and it also makes sense for us as a business.

Our remote working options enable KPMG people to work on the move, while traveling or from another location such as a client office or even from home. We understand that this level of flexibility is important and many member firms offer specialist technology to support you.

Flexible working options vary according to location but may include part-time work, flexitime, job sharing, compressed work week, telecommuting, career breaks and unpaid leave. And reducing your working hours or working flexitime does not mean saying good-bye to promotion either. Hundreds of highly successful KPMG people choose flexible working so they can spend more time with their family or develop other interests.

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