KPMG ACOR TAX is a full-service, global-oriented tax consultancy firm providing tax advisory services on all aspects relating to corporate and international tax, transactions, mobility and people services tax, transfer pricing, compliance, financial services, indirect tax, etc. Our dedicated team of highly skilled partners and staff possesses a combination of market leading professional expertise and a profound understanding of our clients' specific, commercial needs. This is a combination that enables us to convert complex rules into simple, operative solutions through a commercial understanding of the optimisation of tax matters and through the expertise, technology and global network required to provide tailored advice to each client.
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As professional and innovative sparring partners, we ensure that our clients get the best possible basis for initiating and implementing commercial decisions on a wide range of tax matters. We tailor our advice to the specific needs of each client, and we always seek to provide our clients with value-enhancing solutions that are simple and operative.


Our different service lines:

International Tax
Financial Services
Corporate Tax
Indirect Tax
Merger and Acquisitions Tax
Mobility People services
Transfer Pricing
Our Tax Services

The Transfer Pricing Tax Team provides advisory services on:


  • Planning: Assistance with the development of financially supportive transfer pricing policies and with the execution of forward-looking tax planning
  • Implementation: Provision of insightful advisory services on the development and implementation of policies, procedures, controls and systems for setting, monitoring and testing intercompany transactions
  • Controversy: Assistance with the resolution of transfer pricing disputes through various services, including assistance with advance pricing agreements, competent authority negotiations, arbitration and litigation assistance
  • Compliance and documentation: Assistance with risk management by relying on an objective point-of-view within the current environment of detailed transfer pricing regulations, strict documentation requirements, sophisticated audit practices and significant penalties for non-compliance


The Transfer Pricing Tax team provide high quality advisory services with pragmatic applicable solutions aligned to our clients' business strategy with focus on simplifying processes, lowering risks and introducing a smart control environment to assist with the daily handling of transfer prices. Our Transfer Pricing team consists of economists and tax professionals with extensive transfer pricing experience within different industries.

For more information please contact:

Simon Schaadt, KPMG Acor Tax

+45 53747044

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The International Tax Team provides assistance to member firm clients in connection with the identification of new opportunities and tax risk management, always with a focus on commercially viable solutions. The International Tax Team consists of highly skilled specialists who can provide assistance in connection with international tax structuring, risk management, planning and reporting. Furthermore, our teams assist businesses in managing the complexities of multiple tax systems and supranational regulations around the world.

For more information please contact:

Ole Schmidt, KPMG Acor Tax

+45 30786698

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The Mergers & Acquisition Tax Team provides highly professional tax advisory services at every stage of a transaction, including presales assistance, buyer's due diligence, financial and tax structuring and modelling, term sheet and review of transaction documentation, incentive scheme and post-acquisition structuring and implementation.

For more information please contact:

Ria Falk, KPMG Acor Tax

+45 30786780

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The Financial Services Tax Team provides advisory services on the structuring of investments and investment entities, including the assessment of tax consequences of possible investments, structures, etc. Furthermore, our teams provide tax opinions on financial structures and products. Our practice professionals have extensive experience with issues specific to financial institutions and develop tailored made solutions for each client and case.

For more information please contact:

Martin Reng, KPMG Acor Tax

+45 30786682

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The Mobility & People Services Tax Team provides advisory, compliance and administrative services within HR, tax, equity compensation, international social security, employer obligations and immigration, along with outstanding technology, to help businesses manage an international workforce. Whether you are considering expansion or relocation, acquisition or more streamlined processes to manage your existing workforce, our Mobility & People Services Tax team can assist you. Our teams have the experience of a global network of more than 2,500 professionals in more than 130 countries worldwide to assist you in growing and managing your international workforce.

For more information please contact:

Fredrik Lundgren, KPMG Acor Tax

+45 30786606

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The Indirect Tax Team provides advisory services on VAT strategy and VAT planning as well as on the implementation of transaction flows, etc.

For more information please contact:

Claus Bohn Jespersen, KPMG Acor Tax

+45 53747088

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The Corporate Tax team understands your challenges and can provide expert advisory services on domestic and international corporate tax issues, whether you are a business based in Denmark or a large global business. Bringing together deep specialists and industry knowledge, we provide a multi-disciplinary approach to assist in delivering your commercial objectives. Our Corporate Tax team’s range of services include corporate tax compliance, capital allowances, innovation reliefs and incentives, international tax, intellectual property, tax settlements and investigations and tax planning.

For more information please contact:

Peter Rose Bjare, KPMG Acor Tax

+45 30786733

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Ria Falk


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