Careers at KPMG Qatar and Bahrain 

We believe that our biggest asset is the wealth of intellectual capital represented by our staff. We are more than 140+ staff professionals at KPMG in Qatar, we have a multi-national group of talented individuals who have lived, studied and worked in various locations around the world and are firmly committed to helping Qatar to prosper.

We are proud of our dedicated team of professional staff whose collective aim is to develop and deliver new tools and strategies that can help clients succeed. They are driven, ambitious and excited about putting their knowledge and skills to the test.


Key elements of our “employer of choice” strategy include providing opportunities for development and advancement, treating everyone with dignity and respect, helping to create an environment where everyone feels valued and valuable, and inspiring and rewarding high performance. Continuity of staff is managed through career progression opportunities in Qatar.


Join KPMG in Qatar and not only will you enjoy a broad range of resources designed to help you fulfill your potential.


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