VAT (in respect of both purchases and sales) involves sums amounting to a significant percentage of companies’ budgets. Although VAT is a form of indirect taxation and – as a general rule - it does not affect the given entity’s income, proper VAT management allows entrepreneurs to benefit from a permanent tax credit, or at least to improve the liquidity of their businesses.



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In order to achieve this goal it is necessary to possess professional knowledge on tax provisions and on practical tax engineering. Provisions regarding value added tax are the most complicated and the most frequently amended. Moreover, judicial and administrative decisions are often inconsistent with those previously issued. Parallel to the domestic

legislation, EU regulations and decisions of the European Court of Justice also apply.  


How can we help you?

Because of high fines for the incorrect reporting of tax obligations and the fact that turnover (not income) is subject to VAT, every erroneous interpretation of economic activity may prove very costly. While executing economic transactions entrepreneurs face serious taxation dilemmas, which should be quickly
and correctly resolved.


Effective tax management requires not only being aware of recent law amendments and changes in lines of judicial and administrative interpretation, but, above all, the application of tax engineering. By using it, KPMG in Poland can assist you in choosing the options that are beneficial to your business.


Our services

VAT management

  • Two groups of products:
  • "Opportunity reviews" – VAT settlement review based on a search for opportunities to optimise.
  • "Cash flow reviews"  review of
    a company’s VAT settling procedures in order to find possible savings
    on cash flow.


Importation of goods –  neutral VAT

Import structures, in which the VAT does not affect the entrepreneur’s liquidity.


Documents’ exchange via Internet

A product which allows entrepreneurs to adjust the documents’ exchange to the requirements of the VAT Act provisions regarding invoicing, self-invoicing and submitting tax returns via the Internet.


Creation of tax structures

Through use of the know-how and experience of other KPMG member firms, we create business structures which provide for the favourable circulation of goods and services from a VAT perspective.


VAT deduction by financial institutions and other VAT-exempt entities.

We create and assist in implementing business approaches that can help financial institutions to deduct VAT.


Tax risk management

Owing to the procedures introduced by our advisers, our service helps limit management board members’ risk of being liable for incorrect VAT settlements.

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