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New opportunities for your company
Current changes in the global economy, caused by the credit crunch, force companies to look for new business undertakings. Among many solutions Korean companies choose to set up business or outsource certain operations to Poland. Korean Practice is committed to helping Korean companies to start and successfully develop their business and also adapt to changing market conditions and regulatory requirements.
Korean Desk

Oh Seob Kwon

Oh Seob Kwon

Senior Tax Manager, In-charge of Korean Desk

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Our accounting, tax, legal, risk and financial advisory services are designed to help each client, with its unique circumstances and needs, successfully manage operations in Poland. Our services are executed by a multidisciplinary group of Korean and Polish professionals who have deep industry experience and continually undergo KPMG’s rigorous training.

We also understand the requirements and intricacies of the relationships between Polish operations and parent companies and their global affiliates. That is why we work closely with KPMG International member firms in Korea and around the world to provide seamless trans-border services.

What we offer

Advisory Services
Accounting Advisory Services

  •  KPMG’s Accounting Advisory Services has a team focused on helping you apply new accounting standards in a variety of industries. We can provide timely advice on accounting changes, new policies, training, and financial reporting implications.
  •   Our team helps you identify differences between statutory reporting requirements and the group or parent level of IFRS or U.S. GAAP accounting policies, helping you build sustainable processes to achieve the data and information requirements of both.
  •  We help you design and document system, processes, and internal controls over the key business cycles impacted by the adoption of a new basis of accounting.
  •  We offer ongoing resources for information on accounting pronouncements, providing quantitative methodologies to help clients adjust and recognize new policies and their impact.


Management Consulting / Risk Consulting
Management Consulting Services group is aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our Clients’ operations. We help client organizations to enhance their performance by focusing on the making the necessary changes to business processes, organization, management systems and people

KPMG’s Risk Consulting provides you with a breadth of services that can help you build value in the ever-changing global regulatory environment, managing both financial and operational drivers of risk.


Many global Korean companies are now seeing the benefit of KPMG’s Managment Consulting/ Risk Consulting, which include:

  •  CFO advisory services, 
  • Management accounting (planning and budgeting, costing models, management reporting)
  •  financial risk management,
  •  internal audit cosourcing and outsourcing,
  •  information risk management,
  • Operational audit, restructuring, cost optimization
  • Finance Strategy (processes, procedures, organizational structure of financial departments, dimensioning)
  •  forensic services,
  • Evaluation of investment projects (business plans, financial models)
  •  operations risk management,
  •  regulatory and compliance services,
  • Shared Service Centres / Outsourcing (pre-implementation analysis, implementation, optimization)
  • Location studies, entry strategies (scoring models).


Financial Advisory Services
Financial Advisory Services consists of two distinct lines of services: Transaction Services and Corporate Finance services.

KPMG’s Transaction & Restructuring

We provide divestiture, merger, and acquisition support, placing strong emphasis on stakeholder value and identifying key risks and benefits early. Whether the right course is to buy, sell, invest in a joint venture or alliance, or restructure, we support strategic buyers and sellers as well as private equity firms throughout the transaction life cycle.

KPMG Corporate Finance
We are one of the world’s leading financial advisers on public and private transactions. Over the last six years we have held a top two position for the number of deals completed globally. This gives us extensive knowledge and experience which helps us to make a difference in your transaction.

Among the services offered by our professionals are:

  •  Mergers and acquisitions
  •  Business sales and disposals
  •  Public company and take-over advice
  •  Floatations and initial public offerings (IPOs)
  •  Private equity and management buy-outs (MBOs)
  •  Valuations, fairness opinion and appraisals
  •  Project finance, public private partnerships (PPPs) and the private finance initiative (PFI)
  •  Debt-raising and restructuring 


Legal Services
We provide advisory services to Korean clients in all areas of law related to economic activity. We offer overall legal services falling within the scope of Polish, Korean and foreign laws.

The scope of legal advisory services that we provide to our Korean clients is very broad and includes the following areas:


  •  Banking and finance
  •  Corporate law
  •  Law of commercial contracts and protection of competition
  •  Intellectual property law, IT and telecommunication law
  •  Labour law
  •  Energy and mining law
  •  Real estate transactions
  •  Court and debt execution proceedings
  •  EU law


Tax Services

KPMG’s approach to today’s tax issues reflects the unique needs and objectives of Korean client, whether we are dealing with the tax aspects of a cross-border acquisition or developing and implementing a global transfer pricing strategy.

We use our in-depth knowledge of local tax rules and industry experience and we work in multidisciplinary teams that bring together the technical and sector experience required to support your tax and business objectives. Our professionals focus on the business issues behind a tax problem and apply their technical skill and business acumen to address it.

This results in comprehensive tax planning for our clients that is intended to help them achieve tax compliance and manage tax risk. KPMG’s Korean Practice can deliver these benefits because of our local knowledge and global reach; we understand the opportunities and pitfalls in the international marketplace as well as we understand those in national markets.

Corporate Tax Compliance
Large Group of Korean companies in Poland do not have in-house tax personnel. We can assist your organization in interpretation of tax laws, tax planning and preparing tax returns in accordance with Polish requirements.

Tax Examination Assistance
In many cases we can assist clients undergoing tax examinations by state and local authorities. KPMG’s tax examination assistance may include helping you prepare protests and representing your company at appeals. We can serve as advocate, sounding board, and research facility for your in-house tax personnel.

Transfer Pricing
We can assist with transfer pricing studies and planning, advanced pricing agreements and negotiations with Polish and Korean tax authorities. KPMG’s transfer pricing professionals have experience advising Korean companies on this complex issue.

Customs and International Trade
In the era of on-going globalization, the, proper application of customs law is one of the principle factors contributing to any business’s final success. Our services cover, among others, analysis of, planning and support in implementing optimal import and export structures, reviews to help ensure the business’s compliance with customs, VAT, and excise tax regulations, and full representation in disputes with state administration bodies.

Audit Services
KPMG’s Audit Methodology (KAM) is used to provide you robust, high-quality audit services. It is the result of a comprehensive internal analysis of the way we audit to ensure that our work meets the standards demanded by clients, regulators, and the public. The audit methodology is designed to meet applicable national and international standards. The audit methodology emphasizes the critical nature of substantive procedures and effective risk assessment and control testing activities.

The KPMG advantage

  •  KPMG is the only large consulting practice that engages experienced Korean professionals and highly skilled and experienced specialists to work solely with local subsidiaries of Korean clients.
  •  We work closely with our tax, IT advisory, internal controls, and business process resources to bring key insights and skills to address your needs.
  •  By combining significant technical knowledge, interdisciplinary capabilities, extensive experience, and globally consistent methodology and tools, we can provide insights and help you proactively address challenging issues.
  •  We use experienced project managers who help you ensure that an appropriate level of project communication and organization is put in place, issues are identified and resolved, deadlines are met, and unnecessary tasks are identified and avoided.
  •  We work closely with your resources and legal advisors to tailor our approach to your individual demands and requirements.
  •  We bring industry experience to focus on unique challenges, needs, and approaches specific to you.


Please do contact us if you have any questions about KPMG, general enquires, problems about this website or on any other matter.

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KPMG in Poland operates from 7 offices; in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Katowice and Łódź. Currently employ more than 1200 professionals.