• Service: Advisory, Transaction Services
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 8/1/2011

Poland's Position as a Business Partner for China 

KPMG Transaction Services in cooperation with Chinese Embassy, Ministry of Economy and Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency presents survey report, about how Chinese investors are looking at Poland.



KPMG Transaction Services in its everyday business practice supports with its advice a significant number of foreign investors both intending to enter the Polish market or already operating in Poland and planning to expand. Considering the globally significant potential of the Chinese economy, Chinese foreign direct investments in Poland have so far been rather limited. However, the year 2011 brought increased interest from Chinese investors, which was widely commented on in the Polish press.


In consultation and cooperation with the Polish investment authority (PAIiIZ), the Ministry of Economy and the Chinese Embassy in Warsaw, KPMG Transaction Services undertook the preparation of a survey supporting all parties in the investment process.


The purpose of this survey is:


  • to highlight the proposition of Poland as a business partner, with an emphasis on its role as a cost-efficient gateway to European Union markets and a corridor connecting Eastern and Western Europe
  • to share the experience of Chinese investors present in Poland with all parties involved in potential future investment processes in order to achieve better cooperation and understanding of investors, government agencies and professional advisors supporting Chinese investors’ entry on the Polish market
  • to highlight opportunities for increasing awareness in China about Poland as a business partner.


To gain genuine insight into the practical considerations that concern executives from China, KPMG professionals were grateful to speak with representatives of Chinese companies that have either invested or plan to invest in Poland.


We also thank the Chinese Embassy, PAIiIZ and the Ministry of Economy for arranging the interviews and their continuous support over the course of this project, as well as our colleagues from the KPMG EMA China Practice and KPMG China, who were helpful in the translation of the report into Chinese and supported us with better understanding of Chinese customs and culture.

Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. Executive summary

3. China Rising

  • China’s development success story
  • China’s “Going Global”
  • Chinese investors’ growing interest in Poland

4. How Chinese investors approach international investment decisions

  • The decision-making process and its parties
  • Decision criteria

5. How Chinese investors perceive Poland

  • Labour force and employment conditions
  • Tax, legal and regulatory environment
  • Business conditions and cultural factors
  • Everyday life of expats in Poland
  • Conclusion

6. Actual investment climate in Poland

  • Introduction
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Geography and infrastructure
  • Population and language
  • Labour market
  • Economy and ratings
  • Taxation regime and incentives for investors

7. Research objectives and methodology


9. Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency


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