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KPMG, being an organization with a reputation for excellence, as a business advisor and as an employer, is launching a strong Alumni program. People who leave KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co., to advance their careers, are never truly "lost" to our firm. KPMG is a market leader because of its legacy of attracting talented people. Most of the people value the time they spent with us; the things they learned and opportunities that are provided to them. For our part, we are proud of the achievement of our former colleagues.


In so many walks of life, KPMG Alumni are filling important and influential roles and making a difference. Sometimes life may take our people in different directions even when this happens we feel proud that the senior management of many prominent companies can trace their roots to KPMG. Our KPMG Alumni recognizes the past and future contribution of KPMG colleagues. Former KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co., people tell us they value, the opportunity to maintain contact with us. KPMG in Pakistan is committed to the Alumni program for which we welcome suggestion about how it can be improved and extended.


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