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Corporate Tax 

KPMG’s Corporate Tax team can work with you improve your business tax return and manage the corporate tax burden and . Our tax accountants and consultants have in-depth technical tax knowledge and understand how tax fits into the broader business picture.


John Cantin

John Cantin

Partner - Tax

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We can help you realise your planning opportunities, meet your compliance responsibilities and communicate this to your markets and regulators.
Why choose KPMG?


Our team has extensive technical capabilities and global experience.  Our industry focused approach can help you with a wide range of corporate tax planning and compliance issues.
KPMG can provide practical, useful ideas based on a deep understanding of your specific tax issues.
We understand local and international tax regimes and have access to the international resources and experience needed to help you achieve tax-effective business outcomes, wherever you do business.
We also maintain regular and constructive dialogue with the Inland Revenue Department.

Why corporate tax matters

Corporate tax represents a substantial outflow of funds for most, if not all, businesses. This is not the only ‘cost’ tax places on business - tax planning, reporting obligations and keeping abreast of legislative change can be a significant drain on management time.
The increasingly pro-active approach of tax authorities can result in time-consuming reviews and audits, and significant penalties for non-compliance.

All these factors put together can be a large tax burden on your business.