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With the current volatility in the New Zealand and global market, business owners and decision makers face many challenges. We view these as falling into two camps: growth and compliance factors.


Growth factors include areas such as smart cash flow management, effective use of financial information and commitment to a well thought out business plan. By contrast compliance factors are the time consuming requirements to comply with prevailing frameworks such as reporting compliance for accounting and tax purposes or managing payroll.


Irrespective of which of these ‘factors’ may be causing you more headaches KPMG is highly experienced in taking away the pain.  That means we can free you up to work on growing your business profitably, while we attend to meeting relevant compliance requirements and/or facilitate and advise you on optimising your growth opportunities.  



Comprehensive Services


KPMG has the resources you need and is committed to working alongside you.  Our Private Enterprise group is a team of experienced professionals that can provide accounting, tax, audit and advisory services tailored to your requirements. Whether you are an established operation that is looking for growth or are looking to set up a new venture in New Zealand, we can help.


For more detailed information on the range of growth and compliance services for private companies, please select any of the services below.



"KPMG provides my business with an invaluable pool of resources, knowledge and guidance. Whether it relates to the day to day running of the company, its strategic direction or prioritising opportunities that arise, they have a specialist to assist us every time.


I love how user friendly, professional and thorough they are and also that are ready to be blunt about actions they recommend, if needed. We are a small company of 18 full time staff and yet we feel important to KPMG. They really engage with the business and bring useful sector knowledge and vital skills to bear on achieving our goals. If you are concerned about value for money – don’t be. I highly recommend KPMG and often do."

Sue Fleischl - Owner, The Great Catering Company


We know that business owners and their management teams often have to wear many different hats within an organisation. Our experience means we can take care of your concerns, allowing you to focus on the areas of the business that need you and/or offer the most potential for growth. 


In addition to our ‘hands on’ services above, we can be a sounding board and highlight issues that are relevant and important for you to manage and expand your business. Our goal is to work with you and give you all the support required for you to succeed. 


Contact us today on 0800 224 254 to discuss how our team can contribute towards the success of your business.

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