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Submit a Tender 

If you are tendering for a contract in New Zealand, what are the tax and compliance costs you need to manage?


Meeting tax and financial reporting obligations in a different country can be challenging and potentially costly without good local assistance.


A non-resident coming to New Zealand to carry out a contract needs to consider the tax obligations associated with performing services or selling goods in New Zealand, employing people in New Zealand, and importing goods into New Zealand.


Non-residents must also have a clear understanding of the financial reporting requirements when carrying on business in New Zealand, and whether an audit is required.

These obligations typically relate to these key areas:



KPMG is skilled and experienced with providing specialist advice and guidance to non-NZ residents who need information or help with tendering for work in New Zealand. Please phone us on 0800 224 254 to learn more.

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Paul McPadden
National Managing Partner, Private Enterprise