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Financial and Business Modelling 

In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, flexible modelling tools (MS Excel, MS Access, SAS, etc) can help business leaders make informed decisions. However, such tools can often suffer from a lack of quality, robustness, durability and reliability, and can severely impact the quality of decision-making.

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Adrian Wimmers

Adrian Wimmers

Partner - Corporate Finance

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Thomas Park

Thomas Park

Head of Financial and Business Modelling 

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What’s on your mind?


  • Do you have the right information at the right time?
  • How confident are you that your existing models are error-free, robust and reliable?
  • Do you know the key assumptions and drivers used to generate management information and key metrics?
  • Are you able to flex those assumptions easily and assess the impact on decisions?


Bringing you peace of mind


Our dedicated modelling group can assist you in:


  • understanding the interaction of the key drivers of your business
  • quantifying how a transaction or regulatory change may affect your business
  • developing forecasting models to provide more clarity into cash positions and covenant monitoring
  • providing objective models and sector/industry experience
  • thoroughly testing key decision assumptions for robustness and helping you decide which opportunity should get priority
  • effectively presenting key messages graphically from complex data sets and developing dashboard features
  • building project finance models to reflect financing requirements, capital structure scenarios, cash waterfalls, distributions and the impact of various capital structures.

Financial and business modelling services

  • Model design/development: custom made, user friendly, models using our leading modelling techniques combined with our wide industry and sector experience.

  • Model review/audit: independent assurance on the accuracy, robustness and reliability of financial models.

  • Modelling resource secondments: financial modelling professionals, on a short-term secondment basis, to fulfil your staffing and modelling needs.


  • Model training: tailored (in-house) training to improve financial modelling skills within organisations.


What’s in it for you?


Improve the quality of your decision-making – Our modelling tools are flexible and are built to meet your precise information requirements.


Enhance the transparency of assumptions underlying your decisions – We clarify, articulate and document the key assumptions and drivers in your business.

Trust – We provide you with robust tools that you and your stakeholders can trust and independent quality assurance of your own tools.


Continuity – We can support you as your needs and staff resources change over time. We have clients that return to us periodically for all kinds of (ad-hoc) modelling support.


If you would like to discuss how KPMG can assist you in building or reviewing financial models, please do not hesitate to contact our financial modelling experts.