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Debt Advisory Services 


KPMG is a leading provider of Debt Advisory Services in the New Zealand market. Each year our team advises and arranges between $0.25 - $0.5 billion of borrowings for our clients.


We specialise in servicing medium and large organisations, with typical assignments ranging from $20 - $300 million across diverse sectors.


Our team offers substantial experience in the debt markets and includes bankers, M&A advisers, valuation specialists and highly skilled financial modellers.


  • Advice independent of funders to meet your specific requirements.
  • Increased competition among debt providers to be the chosen lender(s).
  • Speed of response from potential funders resulting from KPMG’s knowledge of lenders’ internal requirements.
  • Appropriately structured offers due to KPMG’s comprehensive and rigorous approach.
  • Facility structures that can adapt to modelled scenarios.
  • Ease of reporting with covenants incorporating tax and IFRS implications.
  • Maintaining focus on core business while KPMG manages the transaction from initiation to completion.
  • Flexible fee structures with KPMG sharing risk and reward, where appropriate.
  • Enhanced banking relationships post transaction due to KPMG’s ongoing guidance. 

Business activities supported by Debt Advisory Services

Debt Advisory Services cover a diverse range of activities.


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A proven and rigorous Debt Advisory approach

  •  Initial “Go” / “No Go” review of the current funding proposal based on historic, current and forecast financial performance.
  • Fine tune or fundamental redesign of the current funding structure to increase marketability of the proposal while ensuring a competitive cost of borrowing.
  • Thorough scenario analysis to understand the organisation’s ability to support the required funding obligations.
  • Advice on the relative merit and fit of funding sources including existing and/or alternative lenders locally and overseas.
  • Commercial review of all documentation and negotiation to completion.
  • Post funding support to highlight any opportunities to improve the current facility terms. 

KPMG's Debt Advisory role  

The options. 


  • Lead Adviser: here we are at the forefront of advising on and negotiating all aspects of the assignment, including liaising directly with funding providers, legal advisers and any other third parties as required.
  • Expert Mentor: sometimes it is more effective to have our expertise and guidance in the background, so that existing, sensitive relationships can be managed optimally.


In all circumstances, we recommend which role will deliver the best outcome at the commencement of the assignment.




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