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Contract Compliance Services 

Our Contract Compliance team understand the complexities and nuances of a range of contracts. We can provide assurance to organisations over the performance of vendor contract commitments while maintaining and improving relationships with their business partners.

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Godfrey Boyce

Godfrey Boyce

Lead Partner - Risk Consulting, Government & Financial Risk Management

+64 4 816 4514

Souella Cumming

Souella Cumming

Lead Partner - IARCS, Partner - Government

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We have extensive experience in providing contract compliance services to a wide range of organisations, particularly in the health and social service sectors. 


This includes significant experience in auditing Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) on behalf of public sector entities, such as District Health Boards and government departments.

Gaining the full value due from contracts is a chief concern for many organisations. It enhances income, reduces costs and, particularly in the case of public sector entities, meets output expectations. 

How KPMG can help

  • Assurance that contracted services are delivered within the agreed timeframes and to the agreed standards, and that output reporting accurately reflects the vendor’s performance.
  • Assurance that payments for the vendor to purchase specific inputs (such as FTEs) are applied in that manner.
  • Assurance that the vendor’s governance, operating and financial systems and processes, including internal controls, are in line with recognised good practice models.
  • Due diligence to ensure the vendor is financially sound.
  • Assurance that the vendor has appropriate compliance systems in place, including monitoring and reporting processes that help ensure services are delivered within the agreed timeframes and to the agreed standards.  These include processes to ensure that services are provided in a   culturally appropriate manner and the interests of consumers are considered.
  • Assurance that the vendor is compliant with relevant standards and regulations.
  • Confirmation that payments are received.
  • Identifying opportunities to mitigate and manage risks within the extended enterprise.
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance contract language. 

Why choose KPMG?

  • Deep industry experience — improving revenue or reducing  costs as well as resolving complex relationship and contracting issues.
  • Understanding of partner relationships — we work in a non-adversarial way to help business partners understand the terms of their agreements.
  • Objectivity and confidentiality — giving reassurance to third parties in a review.
  • An established methodology and approach enables us to focus on your specific environment.
  • Global reach — through our network of member firms we can provide contract compliance professionals worldwide.