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Enterprise Resource Planning 

Our Expertise – Your edge
We at KPMG believe that an ERP System should provide strategic advantage to a business. Our aim is to enable optimal utilisation of the capabilities of an ERP system, through measured and consistent organisational change. Successful transformation happens when an ERP Implementation is taken as an opportunity to improve performance through more efficient work streams and empowering people to increase the value provided to customers. Our team will assist you in the achievement of this goal. KPMG uses globally deployed standardised templates that can help you achieve a cost efficient system roll out and alignment to world class leading practices.


Business Led, Technology Enabled
We strive to understand your business environment so our IT services can provide maximum value to your business and be a catalyst for growth. Adopting the ERP system that works best for your specific environment will enable you to adapt faster and better to a rapidly changing business environment. Our team of Chartered Accountants, Manufacturing, Production, Logistics and Human Resource functional professionals supported by highly experienced and skilled technical consultants work together to deliver to ensure a smooth roll-out that is on time and on budget.


People and process adoption
Through extensive experience we know that the impact of an ERP system is pervasive. It transforms the IS environment as well as business processes and employee behaviour at a firm-wide level.


Effective change management is the key to realising the expected returns from an ERP installation. Our expert teams will guide you on the rework of business processes to ensure that information flows smoothly within the organisation before and after the ERP system goes live.

Our methodology for success
KPMG’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Advisory Services have in-depth expertise and breadth of experience in Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and Oracle solutions to help you navigate through the ERP implementation life-cycle.


We are globally recognised partners and have certified team members in our teams for all three platforms. We are independent to the choice of technology, cloud vs on premise solution choice and base our recommendations on the needs of our client.


A systems implementation can feel like a daunting task and businesses often put it off because of concerns around disruption and user acceptance. Our ERP Advisory specialists understand your needs and will make your ERP journey smooth, effective and cost efficient. We follow a proven, tested methodology that allows the implementation to be controlled and coherent at each stage and ensures a successful outcome.


Our dedicated teams for Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and Oracle solutions have thorough product knowledge to ensure that the new ERP system fully integrates with your business, creates greater efficiencies and gives you the results you are seeking. Our goal is to minimise obtrusion and maximise the competencies that flow from a successful ERP Implementation.


We know what it takes to make an ERP project a success.



End to End Implementation
We will support you across all stages of the ERP implementation life-cycle; before, during, and after the implementation. We will prepare you for the upcoming changes and impart to your team, the training required to get the most out of your new ERP System.


We pride ourselves on our professional and comprehensive approach that has been developed through continuous learning and development, through interaction with our global network and lead by our local experts who effectively address your business needs.



Software selection services
The KPMG ITA team has the industry knowledge to provide expert advice on products that are best suited to your business and to help you develop an implementation blueprint. As part of our service, we will give you a clear understanding on what you can expect from each type of system and help you make the right decision.



The KPMG Advantage
KPMG has an extensive, successful track record of steering government and commercial clients as they seek to leverage technology to solve business problems and gain competitive advantage. Our ERP teams offers your business the full spectrum of skills (Functional and Technical) across the value chain, to deliver an ERP system that will meet your expectations.


The KPMG teams offer:

  • a well-planned and expertly managed implementation
  • advice grounded in business perspective, objectivity and independence
  • industry leading globally deployed and KPMG standardised business templates
  • an astute understanding of business/financial controls
  • the resources from our global network of over 140 countries
  • local market knowledge of business conditions and capabilities, regulatory requirements, and taxation
  • knowledge of regulations (privacy, security) that affect IT system requirements
  • an objective, independent and holistic view on the implementation lifecycle.
  • Operation automation and process streamlining
  • System integration to reduce duplication
  • More visibility of business and process critical tasks



KPMG synergises its business and IT Expertise in Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and Oracle solutions, to give your business the ERP System best suited to it.