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Strategy and Performance 

We can help you make strategic business decisions about growth, operational improvement and restructuring. We're ready to help you tackle enterprise-wide issues spanning multiple geographies, through to assisting individual business units to meaningfully contribute to business goals.


Strategy development with KPMG is a collaborative, non-linear process. We are a relationship business, in it for the long-haul.

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Jack Carroll

Jack Carroll

Partner- Management Consulting

+64 4 816 4516

Simon Hunter

Simon Hunter

Partner - Performance Consulting


KPMG has placed a world-class management consulting capability at the heart of our firm. As an  important subset, strategy consulting recognises that as never before resources are scarce and return on investment is paramount.


We believe there is no substitute for local knowledge and with experienced, capable people on the ground, we can respond quickly and effectively. 


We offer practical guidance on:

  • Operational improvement
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Restructuring.

Operational improvement

Focussing on utilisation and performance, we work across all major asset classes – from markets and intellectual property to supply chain and operating assets.


By identifying material opportunities to improve top line profitability or reduce bottom line cost, we help maximise the margins of existing operations.


We can lead your teams in asset and spend performance analysis to align with strategic and financial goals. 


We can work with you to create frameworks for evaluating current and planned strategic contributions, which can identify the parts of your business that are creating (or destroying) value.

Portfolio strategy

Our team can help define your organisation’s long-term strategic vision and market position goals. We can use our understanding of underlying trends to help you determine the key value drivers and strategic positions for your organisation. 


After an acquisition, merger, divestment or period of rapid growth, restructuring is important not only to reduce cost but also to implement a reporting structure that reflects the current scale and complexity of your business. 


We can help you to understand and build critical internal capabilities including business processes underlying personnel and systems enablers.


Our KPMG team has extensive experience defining governance processes and mechanisms, role capabilities, accountabilities and reporting relationships. 


Effective use of Key Performance Indicators and efficient decision making processes can help you get the most out of your team. 



Contact our Strategy and Performance team to discuss how we can add value to your business.