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KPMG works closely with the public sector and local governments to improve their quality of services, productivity and value for money. In areas such as shared services, procurement and e-government, or in partnering with the private sector to fund major projects, KPMG is strongly positioned to help.
Drawing on extensive experience in the public and private sectors, KPMG professionals apply a fresh perspective and offer creative ideas for the public sector.

Our public sector expertise

Our people possess a keen understanding of the circumstances in which governments operate.
We work at a policy and operational level with central government entities, local government, district health boards, state-owned enterprises, crown entities and non-government organisations.
Governments across the globe are confronted by similar issues and challenges. Professionals from our network of member firms share their experiences across borders to help generate new approaches.

Our services

KPMG offers a range of services to help governments with performance related issues and challenges, including:


Government issues

Citizens and public service clients are demanding higher levels of performance and accountability. Public sector organisations are now operating more like the private sector wherever it’s appropriate to do so. 


Infrastructure Financing

We help clients in the public and private sectors develop and finance infrastructure projects in new and innovative ways.

Government Advisory team

Souella Cumming - Partner at KPMG

Souella Cumming
Head of Government
+64 4 816 4519
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Godfrey Boyce - Head of Goverment at KPMG NZ

Godfrey Boyce
+64 4 816 4514
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Troy Newton

Troy Newton
Lead - Management Consulting
+64 4 816 4710
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Adrian Wimmers

Adrian Wimmers
Head of Infrastructure
+64 4 816 4681
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Jack Carroll - Partner at KPMG NZ

Jack Carroll
+64 4 816 4516
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Lean and continuous improvement

LEAN and Continuous improvement
Lean and continuous improvement – harnessing the passion of the front-line to deliver better public services.

Integration Imperative - Reshaping human and social services delivery

KPMG Integration Imperative
The Integration Imperative presents the results of a global survey reviewing active integration schemes across 22 jurisdictions around the world.

Dynamic technologies for smarter government

Dynamic technologies for smarter government
Social media and the future of public sector service delivery. Web 2.0/Gov 2.0 for better decision-making and effectiveness.

What are the global megatrends?

The megatrends impacting governments into 2030 as they relate to changes in individuals, the global economy and physical environment.